A Peek Behind the Cookie Curtain

From the very beginning, Noms has had the core mission of delivering joy through premium, gourmet products that make you the hero. Learn more about our Noms family history and vision and what makes our gifts extra special.

Our Story

As a family-owned business established in 2015, Noms Bake Shop was founded on a very simple truth: Good cookies save friendships, marriages, and lives. They keep your boss happy, your boyfriend quiet and your neighbor in their own business. And thus we felt it was our duty to use this sacred knowledge to spread joy and enable you to do the same.

What makes the Noms experience different?

Unparalleled Quality

Noms aren’t ordinary cookies or gifts. They’re premium, novel and highquality (um, hello, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Berry Shortbread). Unlike a half-melted chocolate strawberry bouquet or an already crumbly brownie assortment, Noms gifts are made with a commitment to excellent flavor and consistency and presented in first-class packaging that shows they’re better than a crummy cookie in a tin can.

Unexpectedly Personal

Noms Bake Shop customizes all of our gift boxes in-house, which not only means that we can help you design the perfect gift box for any occasion, but that our turnaround times are lightning-fast, so they’ll never know you waited until the last minute. If you are out of inspiration, our design team can even create something completely unique just for your recipient to ensure they feel extra special.

Unrivaled Service

We’re the Cookie Concierge you never knew you needed – but you do! Whether it’s assisting with the creation of one gift or one trillion, the Noms Bake Shop team is here to make your gifting experience easy and exciting. If you need help designing a gift box, we got you. Need us to describe each of our flavor profiles in a British accent? We’ve got just the mate to do it. Call us, email us, Facebook us, send a carrier pigeon – we’re here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because Noms Bake Shop creates all our premium gifts in-house, from the baking to packaging to customization, we offer deliciously fast turnaround times for our customization!

Please see below for our turnaround times (based on time of year) - if you have questions about a specific order/quantity, please reach out to our Cookie Concierge team at hi@getnoms.com or at 844.438.6667, and we'll be happy to assist!

Regular Season Lead Time Estimates:January 1 - November 20th
Quantity of Custom Gift Boxes
Lead time to ship (if order is placed before Noon MST)
Please note: Lead times are in business days - orders placed on weekends will not ship until the appropriate number of business days thereafter)
1-50Same day (or next business day if placed on a weekend)
51-200One business day
201-500Two business days or less
501+Inquire for more information

Holiday Season Lead Time Estimates:November 21st - December 31st
Quantity of Custom Gift Boxes
Lead time to ship (if order is placed before Noon MST)
Please note: Lead times are in business days - orders placed on weekends will not ship until the appropriate number of business days thereafter)
1-20One business day
21 - 50Three business days or less
51 - 200Five business days or less
200+Inquire for more information

We don't load up our noms with added preservatives, so while our cookies may not withstand the apocalypse, they ARE baked fresh and ready for you to enjoy upon delivery! We use a special packaging process that allows those with willpower to enjoy our tasty treats up to 10 days after the packing date and, if kept in the freezer, for up to six months!

Once your noms order has left the cookie factory, you will receive an email with your unique tracking number and an updated status of your package. If you have any questions regarding the status of your order or delivery, please reach out to us at hi@getnoms.com.

Noms Bake Shop aims to provide all customers with premium baked products that meet our customers’ every standard of delicious. If for any reason you or the recipient of your gift are dissatisfied with a product, order, or any part of the Noms experience, please contact us via phone at 844.438.6667 or through email at hi@getnoms.com so that we will assist you with an exchange, refund, credit, and/or any additional course of action necessary to provide a solution.

You, friend, have a taste for the rare and extraordinary. And by rare and extraordinary, we mean you're likely looking for a noms seasonal that we've put back into the cookie vault for now. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, however, and we always have new, fun flavors (especially around the holidays) on the horizon! Subscribe to our Cookie Collective to stay up-to-date on new flavors and assortments and provide feedback on the latest and greatest.

Our noms are offered in exceptional, hand curated assortments, with each flavor carefully selected to compliment the next on your delectable journey to tastebud bliss. Unfortunately, we do not offer customized assortments at this time; however, if you have found your noms soulmate, you can purchase a whole box of one single flavor on that flavor's designated page. Visit our Cookies page to check out all of our single flavor boxes!

Our current gluten-free nom offering is our Peanut Butter S’mores cookie, but we're always working on new noms in the cookie lab, so check back frequently for new flavors.

Not that anyone would really need the answer to this question, but just in case, we will happily discuss why you most definitely need a regular cookie delivery. Just reach out to us at email hi@getnoms.com or phone 1.844.GET.NOMS(438-6667).

Not yet, but we’ve got something cookin’... Get it?